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Great Britain - The Bollywood Way

Great Britain -  The Bollywood Way
Author(s): Pallavi Pasricha & Sudha G Tilak
Published Date: October 2015
Edition: 1st Edition
Pages: 192
Book Type: Yellow Spine
Dimensions: 15mm x 11mm
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Rs. 195.00
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Whether you love ​Hindi movies or ​​Great Britain, this pocket book should be your companion. Travel in Great Britain is a fascinating mix of glorious architecture, throbbing nightlife, famous attractions and hidden gems. But even as you soak in new sights, sounds, tastes and experiences, Britain will often feel like home because you’ve seen it many times in Hindi films.
Great Britain – The Bollywood Way has everything that a traveller and Bollywood buff is looking out for at an affordable price, including details of film locations, Bollywood speak and travel details. This travel guide inspires and excites the traveller to explore many interesting places during a holiday in Britain. So pick up this guide and re-live every cinematic moment that makes destinations special. Use the specialist information provided by the world’s leading travel expert on hotels, transport, food and sightseeing, and enjoy the filmi moments intertwined with each place. Go armed with all the information you need without being bogged down by unnecessary details.

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